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Purchasing Guide / Guide to Purchasing Property

Reserving a property in Spain: There will almost always be a small compromise, however when you find the property you want you will need to make an offer and officially take it off the market. This is done by means of a reservation deposit. A reservation deposit takes the property off the market and allows your agent to negotiate directly with the vendor. If your offer is not accepted or your lawyer finds legal problems with the property then the deposit is refunded directly.


Resale Properties: Normally around two - three weeks after the initial reservation and after your lawyers legal searches are complete you will expected to pay a further deposit of 10% and sign the Private Purchase Contract and fix the date for final completion normally 3 - 4 weeks later.


Property Purchasing costs in Spain

Purchasing costs in Spain can vary between 9.5% and 13% depending on the purchase price and the mortgage set up fees.

7% VAT / Transfer tax.

2% Notary fees & stamps.

1% Lawyers 

1 to 3% Mortage costs

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our partners - local lawyers we recommend

Here are just a few well known and well respected lawyers on the Costa del Sol.

The speak many languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, French and the Scandinavian languages.

Purchasing property can be stressfull in Spain especially as things seem to move a bit slower here.

However these lawyers have been here for a long time and have served thousands of foreign purchasers.

We have yet to hear of any complaints in regard to their integrity or technical competance.

As a client of INNOVATIVE PROPERTY you can use whatever lawyer or solicitor you wish. We always recommend that you seek the professional advice of a local English speaking solicitor on the Costa del Sol.

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