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gary stevenson spanien - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

Gary Stevenson

Gary is the founder and owner of Innovative Property. Gary has lived on the Costa del Sol for many years. Gary is an expert on the housing market and advises customers daily regarding property purchase on the Costa del Sol. Gary is from England but previously lived in Denmark. He speaks English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish.

Contact Gary directly: gs@bolig-int.dk

Jacob Innovative Marbella - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

Jacob Johansen

Danish Born Jacob Johansen started his early years in the world of music business working for some of the biggest pop icons such as Sinead O’conner, Lenny Kravitz and Beyonce. In 2000 he moved into property management, investing in estates around the world. 12 years ago Jacob started investing in the housing market on the costa del sol, where he and his wife Ida Marie have raised their 3 children. Jacob speaks Danish, Spanish and English. Jacob is able to draw upon his huge network of trusted people to find the perfect home for our clients. Jacob is hardworking, very likeable and experienced.


fergus meegan - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

fergus meegan

Fergus is our Irish real estate agent. He has lived many years on the Costa del Sol and knows the coast and has built up a massive network of trusted contacts. He has a laid back personality, but works very hard to find the best homes for his clients. Fergus speaks both English and Spanish.

Marijke - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

Marijke Togeretz

Marijke Was born in Holland to Dutch parents, although most of her younger years were spent in Sweden, although she has also lived for a few years in the UK. Marijke has a lot of experience in the Spanish property market and has helped hundreds of clients over the years find their perfect property. Let Marijke help you find Your Dream Home on the Costa del Sol.

Iain Goodwin - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol


Iain is our British Real Estate Agent who has worked for a number of years in the Spanish market on the Costa del Sol. He has a 35 year history of visiting the coast and invested in property here 12 years ago. His speciality is collaborating with all the main players in Real Estate to find his clients exactly the right property at the right price. He is a keen golfer who enjoys the relaxed way of life in Andalucia.


Jean Castillano Inproperty Spain - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

jean castillano

Jean is our French estate agent. He worked for an international Norwegian company for many years therefore he also speaks fluent Norwegian. Jean has years of experience on the Costa del Sol and has even invested in the housing market. He speaks both French, Norwegian, English and Spanish.


Silvana Serra - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

Silvana Serra

Silvana is originally from Argentina, although she is married to a Spaniard and has lived and worked most of her like here in Andalucia. Silvana is a senior consultant that is an expert in locating and listing the best new properties.

esther Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

eszter SZIKLAI

Eszter is our Hungarian real estate agent and part of our listings team. Eszter has lived on the Costa del Sol for many years and loves the Spanish lifestyle. Eszter is in regular contact with various banks to find the best homes before anyone else. Eszter speaks English and Spanish.
Beatriz Stevenson - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

Beatriz Stevenson

Beatriz represents our listings department. She makes a point of finding the lowest priced and best homes, both from banks and from private individuals. Beatriz is from Argentina, where she previously worked as a lawyer, but has since 2002 she has been living in Spain. Beatriz love the Andalusian culture. Beatriz speaks both Spanish and English.

Synnove Innovative Marbella - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol


Synnove from Norway is our administration executive for the Nordic Market. Synnove has plenty of experience in the housing market and she makes every effort to help our customers. She spends her free time with her ​​husband and dog. Synnove speaks Norwegian, Swedish, English, Spanish and French.


Louise Dahl Innovative Property - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

Louise Dahl

Louise is one of our Swedish real estate agents. Louise is from Stockholm and has a Masters in Business Economics. She has several years experience in real estate, in Marbella and Puerto Banus. Louise is always happy to help you find your dream home. Louise speaks Swedish, English, Spanish and Italian.

Nadine - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol


Nadine is our Swiss real estate agent and has lived here for many years and herself invested in the Spanish housing market. She speaks French, English, Spanish, and Swedish. Nadine enjoys theSpanish culture with her ​​Swedish husband and two children.

Sabine - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

sabine Boulan

Sabine is French although she has lived for many years in Spain and on the Costa del Sol. Sabine is our French speaking customer relations manager, working from our La Mairena branch office in East Marbella.

Birgitte Innovative Marbella - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol


(Bridget) moved from Denmark to Spain four years ago to work in Real Estate. Birgitte is a specialist in Benalamdena, Fuengirola and the areas around Mijas Costa including La Cala de Mijas, Calahonda and Riviera del Sol.


Kristian Zwart - Multilingual real estate agents Costa del Sol

Kristian Zwart

Kristian is our Webmaster/I.T. Guy. He recently moved to the Costa del Sol but has been visiting Spain for years, walking the Camino Santiago twice. Spent the last couple of years in Central America. With over 20 years experience with Web & Graphic Design. Kristian speaks English and a little Spanish.






In Spain Since 1989
We have been helping people buy property in Spain correctly for many years. Our hand picked Scandinavian staff have over 100 years combined experience from working for top agencies in the past. We have avoided aggressive & pushy sales people in our company and have a zero tolerance of dishonesty. We found that through dialog, listening to clients and just getting the very best property deals we can sell more.

Innovative Property sl was formed around 10 years ago by Gary Stevenson a Danish speaker from the UK who has lived and worked with real estate in Spain since 1989. With an initial aim of helping Scandinavian clients get access to bank repossession properties that were at that point not marketed or packaged in an accessable way.

Now in 2016 as the market is now changing and the banks are increasing prices and new developments are being built we will be at the front of this new trend. We can still find good property deals, however the term tvangsalg and bargain will probably dissapear from the Spanish property market within the next two years.
Through strong business relationships with lawyers working closely with 9 different consulates we are able to offer properties proceeding from legal battles, court cases and inheritance properties (dødsbo) that other agencies would only dream of having access too.  Always make sure that take a viewing tour  us directly as many of our best property deals on  are not shared or viewable through other agencies.

Here to stay
Innovative Property have also invested heavily into the Spanish property market and have purchased our own offices outright and are planning two further purchase in 2016 and 2017 a commitment not seen by any of our competitors. We are here for you today and will be here tomorrow if you need us.

Contact us to arrange a property viewing or to get a free valuation related to selling your property on the Costa del Sol. Tel. + 34 635545451